Oceana Land Use Conformity Committee​

How Creative Thinking Placed the Community First

​​The Oceana Land Use Conformity Committee shall make recommendations to City Council and Development Authority on matters relating to reducing the amount of pre-existing nonconforming development, pursuant to Section 1804 of the City Zoning Ordinance, in APZ-1 and Clear Zones. Such recommendations shall be consistent with the City Zoning Ordinance, the APZ-1/Clear Zone Use and Acquisition Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, the Final Hampton Roads Joint Land Use Study (JLUS), and with good zoning practices that do not adversely affect established residential neighborhoods.

Specifically, the Committee shall make recommendations to City Council, Planning Commission, and Development Authority regarding:

  • ​Agreements and transactions that further the purposes for which the Committee was created;
  • Zoning and other land use ordinances, including the advisability of adopting new or amended ordinances;
  • Discretionary zoning applications, such as rezoning and conditional use permits;
  • Ordinances imposing fees or taxes, including the advisability of adopting new or amended ordinances; and
  • Staffing and resources necessary, or appropriate, to assist the Committee in the exercise of its duties.

The Committee shall report to City Council and Development Authority on its activities at least annually. Such report shall include a summary of the activities of the Committee, i.e. properties acquired, properties disposed of, a description of the incentives employed in each transaction with the dollar value thereof, and the Committee’s progress in accomplishing the rollback of nonconforming uses to conforming uses.​

William BrownVirginia Beach Development AuthorityN/A
Scott Cutchincommercial business owner APZ-108/31/2027
Robert DyermayorN/A
Patrick Duhaneycity managerN/A
Steven DjunaediCAPT commanding officer NAS OceanaN/A
Joe Ferrararesidential owner08/31/2027
​Lisa Murphy​chair, Virginia Beach Development AuthorityN/A
Robert "Worth" Remickcouncilmember08/31/2026
John Roushresident in APZ-101/31/2027
Mark Stilescity attorneyN/A
Chuck Rigneydirector, Department of Economic DevelopmentN/A
Rosemary Wilsonvice mayorN/A
Kayla Blake Dotsoncity staff liaisonN/A

Updated December 2023

Staff Support

Contact Information​​

Kayla Blake Dotson

4525 Main Street, Suite 700
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 385-2909 / Email: kbdotson@vbgov.com

2022 Meetings

June 8, 2022 (3 p.m. - 4 p.m.)

Virginia Beach Economic Development


July 14, 2022 4 p.m.Canceled
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2021 Meetings

December 8, 2021View

2020 Meetings

July 13, 2020View

December 7, 2020canceled

BRAC History and Timeline


Regional Community Economic Development Award issued by the Southern Economic Development Council


International Development Council’s Gold Award for Real Estate Redevelopment and Reuse Program


International Economic Development Council’s 2014 Gold Excellence Award


Chesapeake adopts MOU and begins formulating acquisition plan. State grant administration transferred to Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security


The City wins 4th place in the International Right of Way Association’s “Project of the Year” competition.


City Council adopts the ITA Master Plan. Rural AICUZ Area (RAA) established and RAA Acquisition Plan created


The APZ-1 Acquisition Plan is again amended to include transitional and transportation areas as shown in the APZ-1 Master Plan. Naval Air Station Oceana selected as the Active Base Community of the Year in 2010 by the Association of Defense Communities, in recognition of its community partnership with the City, which has enhances military value and overall economic development of the community.


The City wins Virginia Municipal League’s President’s Award for entrepreneurial Government.


City Council adopts the APZ-1/CZ Master Plan.


The APZ-1 Acquisition Plan is amended to include developed duplexes to increase roll back.

March 2006

The City of Virginia Beach presents the plan to the BRAC Commission to stop and roll back development around NAS Oceana. A plan that meets and exceeds the BRAC intent quicker, more effectively and at a lower cost.

March 2006

Virginia Beach adopts ordinances to: Allow certain uses as principle uses in APZ-1 Amend the Airport Noise Attenuation and Safety Ordinance regarding avigation easements on property within Air Installment Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) Establish the APZ-1 Property Exemption District Establish the APZ-1 Technology/Business Opportunity Zone Amend plan to include principles guiding the voluntary conversion of nonconforming uses to conforming uses in APZ-1

February 2006

Virginia Beach City Council adopted a zoning ordinance amendment to include clear zones as part of the APZ-1 Use and Acquisition Plan.

December 2005

Virginia Beach City Council adopts plan for compliance with BRAC Commission decision and begins meeting the terms of the BRAC order.

August 2005

The BRAC commission votes to maintain NAS Oceana if Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and the Commonwealth of Virginia commit to appropriate money to stop encroachment within APZ-1 by March 2006.

August 2005

Federal, State, and City of Virginia Beach leaders appear before the BRAC commission to defend NAS Oceana.

July 2005

The BRAC commission votes to add NAS Oceana to the list of base closures.