City of Virginia Beach GIS Map

The City of Virginia Beach has a map that combines the best of theme-based maps and the Full Screen GIS Map. Help is available within the application by clicking on the icon. Get started with the GIS Map.

Mobile and Web Browser Applications

We have maps available for use with mobile devices and ArcGIS Online viewers through These maps offer easy access to hundreds of GIS features and important geographic information. Access our City of Virginia Beach data to view a wide range of city services and information using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Access the mobile and web browser applications.

School Districts Map

If you are new to the area, or if you have recently moved from one neighborhood to another in Virginia Beach, the School Locator/Map Center can help you find your assigned elementary, middle, or high school. Browse the school districts' map.

New City Council Districts

Find your new City Council district.

Strategic Growth Areas Map

Virginia Beach's Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs) were first identified in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan and later refined in the 2009 Comprehensive Plan as areas designated to absorb future growth in our City. Rather than relying on the dwindling inventory of remaining undeveloped land, the SGAs will accommodate growth at higher densities, thereby averting continued suburban sprawl. View the SGA map.

Business Parks Maps

Virginia Beach has five major concentrations of office, industrial, and commercial property. View the business parks map.

Publicly Owned Parks
Privately Owned Parks

Search for the best location for your business with the Virginia Beach Property Search Tool. ​

Air Installation Compatible Use Zone​​ (AICUZ) Maps

​​​​​The purpose of the AICUZ (Air Installation Compatible Use Zone) program is to protect the health, safety and welfare from noise and hazards through compatible development in the airport environment. To provide for compatible development, the Navy acquired easements and fee simple ownership on certain lands in the noise and accident potential zones around NAS Oceana.​ View AICUZ maps​.