International Profile

Virginia Beach is not only an Oceanfront resort but an important international destination that has attracted the attention of many international businesses for its affordability, diversity, and proximity to ports.

It is why so many international companies decided to locate and grow here – from consumer product giants and long-term-oriented companies like STIHL and KETTLER, to industrial powerhouses like Busch, Hermes, an​​d IMS:Gear. They understand we are on their side, providing a low-tax, business-friendly environment that encourages business expansion, not only in the United States but also worldwide.

In recent years, the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development has established offices in Germany, Spain, and United Kingdom to offer assistance to companies abroad that are interested in establishing or expanding in Virginia Beach.

Why Virginia Beach?

Strategically located at the midpoint of the United State's East Coast and just three hours from Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach truly is an international gateway to America. Great companies make their own success, but Virginia Beach offers powerful resources that offer even greater advantages in the U.S. and global markets:

    International Incubator

    The Virginia Beach International Incubator is geared towards foreign companies that need space to grow their sales volume before establishing their own office or manufacturing facility in the City. Companies that choose to use the space will also have access to the resources offered at The HIVE, which includes on-site support provided by partner agencies.

    Lower Taxes, Higher Profits

    International companies will find a relatively uncomplicated and equitable tax structure that allows them to focus on growing their business. Learn more about tax rates and the cost of doing business.

    Virginia Beach Metropolitan Area: A Closer Look

    The region's strategic location in the heart of the mid-Atlantic, coupled with logistical assets including international airports and the fast-growing Port of Virginia, makes it an ideal gateway to the U.S. market for international companies.

    85 million of all United States consumers are within one-day drive of Virginia Beach
    More than 200 million of U.S. consumers live within two-day drive of Virginia Beach
    (Source: 2020 Virginia Beach Community Profile)
    • Largest city in Virginia with a total metropolitan population of 1.8 million
    • Within 750 miles/1,200 kilometers of more than two-thirds of the U.S. manufacturing base
    • Home to nearly 200 foreign-based companies representing more than 27 countries and 12 consulate offices

    Skilled workforce of more than 810,000 people—supported by innovative, advanced employee-training programs

    International Community
    • International-level education systems
    • Direct access to experienced attorneys, local bankers, and financial experts
    • Direct access to other international companies
    35% of the region's European companies are located in Virginia Beach (Source: Virginia Beach Economic Development, 2020)
    Cost of Doing Business
    • Stable state and local governments that are receptive to your business needs
    • No taxes on machinery and tool equipment for manufacturers
    • Port users incentives

    Meet Our Team Across the Atlantic

    The Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development travels around the world to meet with business leaders at their facilities or at industry-specific tradeshows and conferences. Our team is also well represented abroad with economic development consultants located throughout Europe.

    The Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development established offices in Munich (Germany), Madrid (Spain), and Ipswich (United Kingdom) to offer assistance to the increasing number of European companies ​interested in establishing or expanding in Virginia Beach.​ ​

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