Virginia Beach Approves New Subsea Cable Landing Site

May 6, 2022

Globalinx announced subsea infrastructure build for additional four diverse subsea cables in Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (May 6, 2022) — Globalinx, headquartered in Virginia Beach, will build four subsea bore pipes in the Sandbridge area of the city. Virginia Beach’s current capacity of four subsea cables in the Camp Pendelton area was maxed out. Plans include subsea bore pipes with beach manhole infrastructure and full front haul conduits directly to the Globalinx CLS campus in Corporate Landing Business Park. The construction is scheduled to start this November with completion during the third quarter of 2023.

With Virginia Marine Resource Commission and City permits in place, the Globalinx investment will cement Virginia Beach's goal of becoming the highest capacity “Digital Port” on the eastern seaboard and possibly North America. This initiative is only possible through an increased number of high-capacity fiber optic cables coming onto our shores and connecting to a global ecosystem where multitudinous terabits of data can be transmitted. With this unprecedented level of bandwidth, Virginia Beach aims to attract businesses from all sectors, who will be able to take advantage of high-speed global connectivity, as well as firmly plant their presence in the region through the open-access, dark fiber loop of the Southside Regional Connectivity Ring.

After completion of this build, Corporate Landing Business Park will be connected to two diverse terrestrial subsea landing routes, where structured carrier-neutral Cable Landing Stations will be readily available for tenants to extend their reach into Europe, East Asia, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

Globalinx is a cable landing station and carrier-neutral data center in Virginia Beach, which mission is to promote economic vitality, enhance citizen quality of life, and strengthen the resiliency of the region by providing a cutting-edge, high-speed internet gateway to the rest of the world. They have been in operation for over two years and have attracted an impressive Meet Me Room of new network carriers and providers. With direct access to the existing subsea cables and offering the lowest latency and highest redundancy available to MAREA, BRUSA and DUNANT CLS, Globalinx provides colocation space and high-speed access to enterprise, profit and non-profit organizations of all sizes so they can expand their digital footprint to a globally.

Paul Scott, CEO of Confluence Networks, a company that is advancing its eastern seaboard subsea network project with planned landings in Wall NJ, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Jacksonville, and Boca Raton Florida, commented, “This newly proposed Globalinx infrastructure build has the potential to enable multiple high-capacity subsea networks that have been projected to land on the US Eastern Seaboard in coming years.”

The mission of the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development is to drive economic vitality and inclusive prosperity in the city by fostering the attraction and creation of new investment, innovation, and jobs.