​​​​Utility Providers

The Virginia Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) ranks among the top MSAs in the nation for utilities, telecommunications, and transportation.

Virginia Beach’s capital infrastructure provides unparalleled support to all types of business and industry. According to a study published in 2012 by the Building Owners and Management Association​ (BOMA), Virginia Beach is among the five least-expensive commercial real estate markets in the United States. 

Average Utility Rates
Electricity (cents per kWh)$0.064
Natural Gas (per 1,000 cubic feet)$ 5.82
Water (per 1,000 gallons)$4.41
Sewer (per 1,000 gallons)$4.74
Sources: Electricity & Natural Gas: U.S. Department of Energy, May 2016 Industrial Rates; Water and Sewer Rates: Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities, Hampton Roads Sanitation District. 

Additional charges​​ and connection fees apply in both localities for sewer and water. Monthly charges vary by meter size.

Water Source

Virginia Beach's potable water originates from Lake Gaston. Learn more about the specifics on the Lake Gaston water supply pipeline.

Lake Gaston
Current capacity60 mgd*
Average daily demand36 mgd
*mgd = million gallons per day

Wastewater Treatment 

The city operates and maintains over 400 sewer pumping stations. A pumping station collects the wastewater collected by the gravity system and pumps it into a sanitary sewer force main for delivery to Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) for treatment.   Download HRSD rate schedule. ​

Current c​apacity78 mgd
Average daily demand49.6 mgd

Solid Waste Disposal: City of Virginia Beach

Sanitary Landfill and Southeastern Public Service Authority Transfer Stations


​Dominion Virginia Power is the electric power provider. The average electric power rate for a commercial class building was 8.13 cents/KWH for a 12-month period ending June 30, 2015. The average electric power rate for an industrial class building for the same period was 6.45 cents/KWH​. However, the rates may vary based upon customer consumption.

Natural Gas

Virginia Natural Gas is the natural gas provider. The rate per CCF or MCF varies based on the level of service that the customer chooses.


Daily Newspapers (MSA) 3
Local Television Stations (MSA)12
Radio Stations (MSA)15 AM/34 FM
Cable Service (MSA)Available
Post Office (VB)15 Facilities


The Virginia Beach MSA features one of the nation’s most advanced telecommunications networks, with multiple providers and more than 650,000 miles of fiber optic cables. Every business in Virginia Beach is served by digital switching, and 100 percent of our central offices have ISDN capabilities connected by fiber. In addition, SONET and ATM backbone technologies and high-speed DSL and cable modem broadband connectivity are available throughout the city.

Utility Providers Contact Information

ProviderServiceContact Information
Virginia Beach Public UtilitiesWater


(757) 385-4631

Hampton Roads Sanitation DistrictSewer


(757) 460-2491

Dominion Energy​Electricity


(866) 366-4357

Virginia Natural GasNatural Gas


(877) 572-3342

Cox CommunicationsInternet/Cable/Phone



​Lumos Networks​Telecommunications Cable​www.lumosnetworks.com​ 

Verizon Communications Internet/Cable/Phone



(757) 954-6222

Additional providers may be available depending on the utility or service.