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World-class education

The  Virginia Beach City Public Schools​ (VBCPS) is the largest school division in Hampton Roads and the 50th largest in the nation. Focusing on educational rigor and expanded academic choices, the goal of the Virginia Beach City Public School system is to prepare all students to be successful as workers, cit​izens, and lifelong learners.

​For the 2017-18 school year, VBCPS earned full state Standards of Learning (SOL) accreditation. In addition, the VBCPS Class of 2017 outperformed the region and the nation on the SAT and achieved the division's highest cohort-based on time graduation rate and lowest dropout rate. ​​​Click ​here to access school's​ accreditation history. 

In a challenging and rapidly changing global economy, the ​Virginia Beach City Public School system's goal is to prepare all students to be successful as workers, citizens, and lifelong learners.  

 Schools/Centers Teachers Enrollment
Public K-12865,16966,820

Source: Virginia Beach City Public Schools, 2018-2019 Data

Primary and Secondary Education

A high-quality school division widely acknowledged among the nation’s best, the Virginia Beach City Public Schools system (VBCPS) is composed of 55 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, 12​ high schools, and four secondary specialty centers. To help prepare students to be successful as workers and lifelong learners in this challenging and rapidly changing global economy, VBCPS offers expanded academic choices. These include seven school-within-a-school academies, three advanced academic programs, one gifted school, and several specific career-tract technical education progra​ms.

In Compass to 2020​, the Strategic Plan for Student Success, the school division states its commitment to using innovative instructional practices and supportive technologies. To ensure this goal is achieved, the school division offers distance learning programs in the high school and middle school levels.

These online courses are available during the school year and summer school.

​​World Language Immersion Program​ 

Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) offers partial-immersion programs, often known as dual immersion one-way programs, in Spanish at select elementary and middle schools. Students in a VBCPS language imme​rsion program​ follow the same curriculum as their grade-level peers.​

Advanced Academic Programs

The Academy and Advanced Academic Programs represent an exciting expansion of curricular options for all students across the city. ​

Middle School​

  • Middle Years International Baccalaureate Program at Plaza Middle 

High School

  • International Baccalaureate Program at Princess Anne High

  • Mathematics & Science Academy at Ocean Lakes High


Elementary School

  • Mathematics and Science Academy: Linkhorn Elementary
  • Foreign Language Partial Immersion Academy: ​Christopher Farms Elementary

High School​

  • Global Studies & World Languages Academy: Tallwood High
  • Health Sciences Academy: Bayside High
  • Legal Studies Academy: First Colonial High
  • STEM & Technology Academy: Landstown High
  • Visual & Performing Arts Academy: Salem High
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Academy: Kempsville High School ​

Gifted Programs

  • ​Old Donation School (grades 2-8)

Athletics Programs

Virginia Beach City Public Schools provide students with the opportunity to succeed not only in the classroom but also in a variety of athletic programs. The following sports are offered to students at the City’s 12​ high schools:

  Boys Girls COED
Fall Cross country
Cross country
Field hockey
Winter Basketball
Indoor track
Indoor track
Spring Baseball
Track and field
Track and field

​Career and Technical Education (CTE)​​​​​

Among the many academic choices provided to students are th​e school-within-a school Academies and Advanced Academic programs.  Upon graduation, students who successfully complete courses in  Career and Technical  Education​ ​(CTE) are prepared to enter the workforce.  In the 2017-2018 school year, 13,634 students passed  industry-credential tests through their Career​ and Technical Education (CTE)​ courses with an overall pass rate of 78​.9%​. Since 2002, 92,426 i​ndustry-credential tests have been passed by students.  

Advanced Technology Center

A collaboration between VBCPS, Tidewater Community College and the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a 137,000-square-foot facility adjacent to the Virginia Beach Higher Education Center.

ATC’s mission is to complement City schools in providing technical training and education. The center also addresses the demand among regional employers for a trained workforce in the engineering and information technology field, and works to expose students and citizens to a variety of career opportunities.

The Advanced Technology Center also offers businesses space for employee training at no cost. For more information,​ contact the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development at (757) 385-6464. 

 School Facts

Elementary Schools 55
Middle Schools 15
High Schools 11
​Charter School (Grades 9-12)​1
Secondary Specialty Centers 4
​Total Schools/Centers ​86​


 Student Facts (2018-2019)

​​​Student Enrollment (K-12)*​ ​66,820 ​Male ​51.4%
Caucasian 48.4%   Economically Disadvantaged NA
Black/African American 23.3%   Gifted 14.9%
Hispanic/Latino 11.6%   Limited English Proficiency 2.9%
Multirace   9.7%   Students with Disabilities 10.2%
Asian 6.0%   Per-pupil expenditure (FY 17/18) $12,534
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.5%   Drop-out rate (Grades 9-12) 3.7%
Female 48.6​%   On-time graduation rate (FY 17/18)​ 93.3​%
​Source: Virginia Beach City Public Schools​ ​ 2018-2019 Data​
*Pre-kindergarten students are excluded

 Staff Facts (Fall 2018)

Employees in school system 15,027​
Teachers 5,169
Average years of teaching experience 14.6
Number of nationally board certified teachers​ 142
Core courses taught by highly ​
qualified teachers​ *
Teacher assistants with a “highly qualified” designation from the Department of Education *
 Source: Virginia Beach City Public Schools​​