Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana Explores Development Opportunities

Future Base Design – Former Horse Stables Parcel Update

NAS Oceana and the City of Virginia Beach would like to thank industry again for attending the April 20 Industry Day event regarding the Former Horse Stables Parcel. The Navy continues to work on the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP) which will hopefully be released to industry soon. We appreciate your continued interest and patience as we work through the process and look forward to our continued efforts in engaging with industry on potential development opportunities. Stay tuned!

Future Base Design: Making the Most of Opportunities

The ceremonial signing of the Future Base Design Non-binding agreement, between Admiral Charles Rock and Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer, August 2021

Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana is implementing Future Base Design (FBD), an innovative public-private business model that could change the landscape around NAS Oceana while generating critical resources for improving infrastructure. FBD is a transformational and comprehensive approach to Navy installation management that is designed to transform, optimize, and modernize installation capabilities and resiliency while also reducing the total ownership cost and footprint of NAS Oceana infrastructure.

FBD execution will increase installation resiliency and effectiveness in direct support of warfighter readiness, mission priorities, and enhanced quality of life.

“Under the Future Based Design concept, NAS Oceana, in partnership with the City of Virginia Beach, could lease about 1,100 acres of underutilized land on the installation to private businesses in exchange for in-kind consideration that could then be directed toward much-needed building maintenance and other infrastructure projects on the installation. This partnership is a great example of why the Navy is proud to call Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads home." – CAPT Bob Holmes, NAS Oceana Commanding Officer

FBD directly supports the FY2020-2022 Dept. of Navy Strategic Objective 1.2.C, by:

  • Defining mission services and support services
  • Directing resources at mission services enabling naval power generation
  • Leveraging competitive out-lease agreements for underutilized government land to obtain in-kind considerations in order to augment installation maintenance and improvement projects
  • Utilizing public/public, public/private (P4) opportunities to realign the delivery of support services
  • Supporting a strategic partnership with Dominion Energy to enhance NAS Oceana energy resilience and reliability, including support of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project
  • Entering into a coordinated partnership with the City of Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development
  • Maximizing the use of inter-governmental support agreements (IGSAs) with public partners for infrastructure maintenance and support

The NAS Oceana FBD initiative seeks the following desired outputs:

  • Reduce installation total ownership costs by leveraging public/private solutions to divest facilities and infrastructure not directly related to mission support. (i.e. support functions)
  • Provide efficiencies in the delivery of base operating services and new capabilities
  • Create energy resilience and reliability for core mission areas and reduce electric grid dependence
  • Identify lessons and proven concepts to tailor applicability for other military installations.

Outside the Fence Opportunities

The underutilized non-excess real property will leverage existing real property authorities that will allow NAS Oceana to enter into public-private partnerships once each subject parcel has been deemed no longer supportive of current or future military purpose. In addition, NAS Oceana will analyze the environmental condition of each subject parcel to determine the environmental risks and liabilities associated with the subject parcels prior to entering into any further real estate action. These sites were selected based on underutilized land that has no direct correlation to the current mission and can lend itself to adaptive reuse opportunities. The following parcel is available for development considerations:

NAS Oceana is working to evaluate the availability of the other FBD parcels, which will be available in the near future. More details to follow.

Ray White, Business Development Coordinator
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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Base Design describes an innovative initiative that encompasses several different lines of effort, all of which share the strategic goal of increasing installation resiliency and effectiveness in direct support of warfighter readiness and mission priorities. To do so, NAS Oceana is challenging the assumptions, concepts, and methods of shore support services traditionally offered at NAS Oceana with the intention of establishing a mission model responsive to the U.S. Navy’s place in the 21st Century.

The Future Base Design concept would provide a plethora of new job opportunities and most importantly land that could be leased to private businesses to build new facilities. This program underscores the effectiveness of creativity and ingenuity in economic development strategies but also our commitment to support one of the most important contributors to the economic stability of the City.

The City of Virginia Beach has a long and proud history of supporting our military. NAS Oceana lies wholly within the City of Virginia Beach, and takes its role in the community very seriously. Additionally, many service members and civilians who work on base call the City of Virginia Beach home. As a result, NAS Oceana works closely with the City of Virginia Beach to achieve our respective goals. Once implemented, Future Base Design has the potential to create business development opportunities that will help strengthen our local economy.

The program provides jobs for our citizens who spend money in our community that ensures growth and additional job opportunities. In addition, these companies will be licensed as Virginia Beach businesses, who pay appropriate taxes that lessen the tax burden on our citizens.

We are interested in exploring partnerships for the following activities: community-based recreational, child care, lodging, intergovernmental support agreements and others.

Under the Future Base Design concept, NAS Oceana, in partnership with the City of Virginia Beach, could lease up to 1,100 acres of underutilized land on the installation to private businesses, creating opportunities for both the Navy and the private sector. Future Base Design is intended to reduce the Navy’s infrastructure costs, eliminate expenditures, and redirect savings toward its primary warfighting missions of enabling, generating, and increasing naval power. Future Base Design will also help drive economic and private business development by creating partnership opportunities that will integrate the public and private sectors to utilize the parcels creating mutually beneficial relationships.

NAS Oceana has initiated a requirements package for FBD Phase I (out lease of the identified perimeter parcels). Once NAS Oceana defines requirements, addresses environmental issues, and coordinates with the City, the requirements package will go through a review and coordination process internally and with the City of Virginia Beach.

Environmental staff members review all activities on government property for impact to the environment. NAS Oceana partners with USDA, Fish and Wildlife, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ), as needed for the current mission. A preliminary review of all proposals will be subject to a range of planning considerations; one of which may involve oversight and compliance within environmental regulations, as outlined by USACE, NEPA, the City of Virginia Beach, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.