​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Opportunity Zones​​​

Virginia Beach has eight Opportunity Zones that are uniquely positioned and ready for investment and growth.

​What is an Opportunity Zone?
Opportunity Zones, created as a result of the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of  2017,  are designed to encourage long-tern investments in designated portions of a community.  Tax incentives are provided to investors who re-invest their unrealized capital gains into one of the designated zones.  

Virginia Beach Opportunity Zones
Virginia Beach has eight (8) designated Oppor​tunity Zones.


A city map that includes Strategic Growth Areas (SGAs) and Opportunity Zones can be downloaded here:
OZ and SGA Map​​​

 Zone Reports

​An in-depth look at each of Virginia Beach's eight (8) Opportunity Zones from Enterprise​:

 Investment Example

​Below is an example of savings that could be accrued by investing in an Opportunity Zone.  Please note that this is an illustrative  example only.  We advise you to seek financial and legal advice for specifics on individual investments.

 City Contacts

Questions?  Contact the following Departments for additional information:
​Economic Development
David Couch
Business Development Coordinator
(757) 385-6468

Steve Harrison
Business Development & Research Manager
(757) 385-6466
​Strategic Growth Areas
Kathy Warren
SGA Manager
(757) 385-2901

Ron Berkebile
Financial Analyst
(757) 385-2902​