Business Development

Michelle Chapleau

Business Development Coordinator

Contact Michelle for business location opportunities in the Oceana Naval Air Station (APZ-1) area, and for information about the advanced manufacturing and retail business sectors.

Steve Harrison

Business Development and Research Manager

Contact Steve for research-related information, demographics, business statistics, marketing and communications questions, or for information about the city's biomedical and healthcare business development initiative.

Lloyd Jackson

Business Development Manager

Contact Lloyd for existing business outreach and retention assistance or for information about the information services and management (IT) and maritime business sectors.

Letitia Langaster

Business Development Manager

Contact Letitia for information on the City’s APZ-1 program, business opportunities in the area surrounding the Oceana Naval Air Station.

Jeffrey Smith

Business Development Manager

Contact Jeff for information on Small, Women, and Minority-owned (SWaM) business development and related assistance.

Svetla Tomanova

Marketing Assistant

Contact Svetla for research-related information, demographics, website assistance, business statistics assistance, and for information on the Department's marketing efforts and materials.

Raymond White

Business Development Manager

Contact Ray for business relocation or expansion assistance, specifically with regard to the defense, composites, sensors, and alternative energy clusters, as well as for information on business incubators.

Vicente Álvarez Fanjul​

Representative Europe - Madrid, Spain

Vicente is based in Madrid, Spain and represents Virginia Beach’s interests in the Spanish, Portuguese, and French markets. He offers assistance to companies abroad that are interested in establishing or expanding in Virginia Beach.

Michael Vossel​​​​

Representative Europe - Düsseldorf, Germany

Michael is based in Dusseldorf, Germany and represents our City interests in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Turkey. He offers assistance to companies abroad that are interested in establishing or expanding in Virginia Beach.

Office Management & Administrative Support

David Couch, CEcD

Business Development Strategy Coordinator

Contact David for strategic business development, department budget and administration, or for information about the biomedical/health care business sector.

Linda Assaid

Economic Development Technician

Contact Linda regarding administrative information for the Virginia Beach Development Authority and the Oceana Land Use Conformity committee.

Betty Clark

Executive Assistant

Contact Betty to schedule an appointment with staff or with questions regarding Economic Development billings, special events/ribbon cuttings, or office management items.

Olivia O’Bry

Office Manager

Contact Olivia for information regarding office operations and procedures, volunteer resources, payroll, budget and accounting.

Project Development

Mark Wawner, P.E.

Project Development Coordinator

Contact Mark for questions or financial information regarding the Virginia Beach Development Authority, public-private developments, or general project related items.

Robert Hudome

Senior Project Development Manager

Contact Rob for mixed-used developments, hotel, entertainment, resort-related projects, and submarine telecommunication cables and datacenter development projects.

Sean Murphy, CPA

Virginia Beach Development Authority Accountant

Contact Sean for information on the finances of the Virginia Beach Development Authority.

Workforce Development

Jerry Stewart, CEcD

Workforce Development Coordinator

Contact Jerry for workforce development assistance and referral to regional training institutions.

Barbara Lito

Virginia Beach GrowSmart Coordinator

Contact Barbara for information about Virginia Beach's GrowSmart early childhood education initiative.

Kelsey Harkins

GrowSmart Administrative Technician

Contact Kelsey for information about the LENA Start and VBreads programs.

Devin Cowhey

Virginia Beach GrowSmart Development Specialist

Contact Devin for information on the Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation, a 501-c3 foundation, or to learn more about ways we connect business leaders and the community into our early childhood initiatives.