​​​​​​Business Environment

​Virginia is an employer-friendly state with a ​"Right to Work" labor structure.​ Virginia Beach's economy is strong and diversified.

Named by WalletHub the 2019 "8th Best-Run City in America" and 2021 "3rd Hardest Working City in America", Virginia Beach has a business environment perfectly aligned to meet your company's needs. The cost of doing business here is well below the national average, thanks in large part to low City and state tax rates, competitive wages, and transportation infrastructure that provides businesses access to more than two-thirds of the U.S. population within a two-day drive.

Virginia Beach is the first City in Virginia with NO machinery and tools tax.

Virginia named 2021 #1 Most Financially Literate State

There are plenty of reasons to relocate or expand your business in Virginia Beach – not the least of which is the support available from the Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development, and our local, regional​, and state partners.​