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Updates on plans to build a mixed use, multi-venue complex on the former Dome Site at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

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Plans for Old Dom​e Site ​

Four development groups that have expressed interest in working with the City of Virginia Beach to create a mixed-use, multi-venue entertainment complex on the property known as the old Dome site will be invited to interview. From there, the committee overseeing the process will select one or more to move forward in the process.

The site is 10.35 acres located between 18th and 20th streets, bordered by Pacific and Artic avenues. An additional parcel is located between Artic and Baltic avenues.  "We issued a public solicitation to find a qualified developer and venue operator to partner with us to create a unique, family-friendly entertainment destination. We are pleased that four groups see the outstanding potential in this strategic location of our Central Beach District," said Deputy City Manager Ron Williams.​

The submittals received by the deadline o​f April 10 were from the following organizations:

The review committee mem​​bers are:

  • Louis Jones, Vice Mayor, VBDA Liaison

  • John Uhrin, Councilmember, Beach District

  • Dot Wood, VBDA Chair

  • Jerry Miller, VBDA Member

  • Ron Williams, Deputy City Manager

  • Patti Phillips, Finance Director

  • Brad Van Dommelen, CVB Director

  • Alexander Stiles, Senior​ City Attorney

  • Rob Hudome, Economic Development

  • Warren Harris, Economic Development

​​"This isn't the first effort to develop this particular piece of property, but I think the third time is the charm, and Virginia Beach will be home to a high-quality venue that features a mix of retail and restaurants, a theater, and great entertainment," said Economic Development Director Warren Harris. "Some of the submittals contain conceptual images and those weren't required or requested as part of the RFQ because we intend to have a robust public input process to help decide the right mix of elements and venues. We'll be developing the specific elements of the project once we select a partner or partners," he said.

The committee plans to have its work complete by summer so a term sheet that outlines the agreement can be developed for the Virginia Beach Development Authority and City Council to approve. ​





Deadline: April 10, 2017, 3:00 p.m.  Eastern Standard Time ​

This RFP is closed for submissions. ​


The City of Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) is issuing this Request for a Letter of Qualifications (RFQ) for development of a 10.35 acre site in the middle of the City's resort area. The property was formerly the site of the Virginia Beach Dome (Convention Center) and remains known as the Dome site, even though the City has cleared the site in preparation for redevelopment which is the subject of this RFQ.  The VBDA seeks a knowledgeable, experienced, qualified and capable developer with a strong, cohesive internal and external development team experienced in complex multi-venue urban development projects to design, develop, manage and construct all facets of this project. The City of Virginia Beach (City) has assembled three blocks of approximately 3.22 acres each of prime development property bounded by Pacific Avenue to the east and Baltic Avenue to the west between 18th and 20th Streets with an additional 0.69 acres on an adjacent parcel at the corner of 18th Street and Arctic Avenue (total 10.35 acres; see aerial​). The VBDA desires development of this site as a family friendly unique multi-venue destination infill redevelopment that attracts residents and visitors and sup​ports growth of the City's convention business. Primary focus should be on a minimum 3,500 but not greater than 4,000 seat live entertainment venue, high quality entertainment, with a mix of retail and restaurant components, year-round programming, and a parking structure to satisfy the parking requirements of the development and public use parking spaces.  The project should complement the resort area's active lifestyle, support continued growth of the surrounding ViBe Creative District, be integrated with the surrounding community, and provide an active and attractive streetscape. The Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) intends to enter into an exclusive negotiation period with a selected developer in accordance with the terms described in Section 3.



Each RFQ response requires the following information be provided by a prospective developer or development team:

  1. Developer's current financial capacity to successfully complete a project of this scope and scale, including the most recent financial statements.

  2. The developer shall demonstrate that they have successfully completed a minimum of two (2) comparable projects as lead or master developer.  Please list the financial structure of each project including, but not limited to the public and private contributions.

  3. Photographs of the projects discussed in #2 and other developments completed within the past five (5) years, which are relevant to the scope, and scale of this project.

  4. Three (3) financial and three (3) developmental references, including addresses, telephone numbers, and relationship to the developer.

  5. List of current active development projects where the firm is either lead or master developer and oversees the day to day operations and management of the project.

  6.  Resumes of key members of the proposed development team.

  7. Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest that could be relevant to this project in any manner.

  8. Disclosure of whether the developer or any officer, director or owner thereof has had judgments entered against him within the past ten years for the breach of contracts for governmental or nongovernmental construction or development.

  9. Disclosure of whether the developer has been in substantial noncompliance with the terms and conditions of prior construction contracts with a public body without good cause.

  10.  Disclosure of whether any officer, director, owner, project manager, procurement manager or chief financial official thereof has been convicted within the past ten years of a crime related to governmental or nongovernmental construction or contracting, including, but not limited to, a violation of the Virginia Ethics in Public Contracting, the Virginia Governmental Frauds Act, bid rigging, or any substantially similar law of the United States or another state.

  11. Disclosure of whether any officer, director or owner thereof is currently debarred pursuant to an established debarment procedure from bidding or contracting by any public body, agency of another state or agency of the federal government.

  12. Responders are encouraged to discuss their ability to transform this site into an entertainment venue that will regularly attract a sizeable percentage of the more than 1.76 million people who live in the MSA, to include such features as:

  •  Multi-block mixed use development

  •  Minimum 3,500 seat live entertainment performance venue

  •  Unique/new to market retail

  •  Unique/new to market authentic restaurants

  •  Additional entertainment concepts

  •  Possible residential but not as a primary use

  •  Year round programming attractive to both locals and tourists



Subsequent to review of the responses to the above listed evaluation criteria; the VBDA may grant a six (6) month exclusive negotiation period to the selected developer(s) to prepare a proposal for consideration by the Authority, focusing on such factors as the type and sustainability of the proposed entertainment venue, operations and management, project design (components and architecture), compatibility with the City's vision for a successful entertainment venue which complements the growing tourism and convention business in the resort area, and the developer's creativity and sensitivity to the market. It is the City's and the Authority's goal to both minimize the City's financial participation in the project and to attain the most distinctive, highest quality entertainment based project possible.



  1. The responses should include one original and 10 copies and shall be placed in a sealed envelope or package for submittal marked "Multi-Venue Entertainment RFQ".

  2. All responses shall be received and time-stamped in the office and location described below no later than 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, April 10, 2017.

  3. All responses are subject to public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. To the extent permissible by law, the Development Authority agrees to keep confidential any confidential proprietary information included in a response, provided that (1) the responder identifies the confidential proprietary portions of the response; (2) the responder identifies as confidential and proprietary only those portions of the submittal that actually are confidential and proprietary; and (3) the responder states why protection is necessary. Responders shall not designate their entire response as confidential and proprietary, nor shall they so designate information that is already public.

Responses received by telephone, facsimile or any other means​​​ of electronic transfer will not be accepted.​

A responder receiving a RFQ from a source other than the Issuing Office or DemandStar by Onvia should contact the Issuing Office to become a Responder of Record before submitting a response.


Virginia Beach is the largest city in Virginia with a population exceeding 453,000.  The City is a major national contender in economic development, tourism and conventions. Located in the state's southeast corner, on the Atlantic Ocean, the Virginia Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area is the 37th largest in the United States with a regional population of more than 1.7 million people living in nearby cities including Norfolk, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Williamsburg.  Virginia Beach is now an urban center, with tourism as one of its major industries.  Virginia Beach is the #1 vacation destination in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and has become a year round tourism and convention destination. More people come to this city from September through May than in the traditional summer season of June through August. In 2015, Virginia Beach hosted more than 6.0 million overnight visitors with another 7.2 million day visitors travelling from more than 50 miles away. These visitors spent $1.4 billion during their stay for accommodations, meals, entertainment and other services. The average annual family income of visitors is nearly $111,000 with a 4.2 night average length of stay. More than 64 percent of visitors come for vacation.​

The 500,000 square foot Virginia Beach Convention Center, which opened in 2005, is located three and a half blocks from the Dome site. During FY15, the convention center hosted 327 events with more than 583,000 attendees, generating 94,000 room nights, $40 million in estimated attendee spending and $8 million in total direct and indirect revenue to the City.​

All technical questions or requests for a meeting regarding the project should be directed to Robert J. Hudome, Senior Project Development Manager (757) 385-6458.


Upon receipt and review of the RFQ Submittal, the Virginia Beach Development Authority will proceed in a manner that best leverages the value of the property and will, in its sole discretion, proceed to request additional information, initiate negotiations, or terminate this process.​

Download​​ RFQ  here

​Download Addendum to Solicitation RFQ No. 1-2017​ he​re


Virginia Beach Development Authority/Department of Economic Development

Warren D. Harris, Director

4525 Main Street, Suite 700

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

(757) 385-6464​

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