​​​​Request for proposals (RFP #VBDA-01)

Management Contract for Communications Conduit Infrastructure

Corporate Landing Business Park - Virginia Beach, VA.​

I. Purpose

This document constitutes a request for a sealed proposal from an experienced and qualified sources to provide management, operational, leasing and security services for the communications conduit infrastructure duct banks in Corporate Landing Business Park. ​

II. Background​

The City of Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) is constructing two duct bank systems totaling approximately 10,000 linear feet and consisting of eight (8) 4 inch conduits on both sides of Corporate Landing Parkway from General Booth Boulevard to Dam Neck Road to provide connectivity within the business park. (See attached exhibit A) ​

III. Scope of Work​​

The VBDA requires a qualified entity to manage, operate, lease and provide security services for the conduit duct bank infrastructure improvements currently being constructed in Corporate Landing Business Park. The contractor shall furnish, but not be limited to, all supervision, labor, materials, equipment, supplies and expenses necessary to provide all management, operational, leasing and security services for the new duct bank infrastructure.  The form of the lease shall be provided by the VBDA

IV. Contract Term:

The contract period shall consist of a term of five (5) years.


​Evaluation Criteria ​​​​

​​​a) Respondent Qualifications​​​​​

  1. Experience – Describe your established work experience which is​ related to the services to be provided under this contract. (25%)

  2. Capability and Skill – Describe in detail the capability and skill of your organization to provide the services specified in this RFP. (25%)

  3. Services to be Provided- Detail in your proposal the services to be provided under this contract. The services that the VBDA expects to receive as a result of this contract have been outlined in Section C, Contents of Proposal. Offeror is to respond to each of the elements of Section C and include any additional information not requested herein, that may be useful for the successful performance of the contract.​ (25%)

  4. Price  - Offeror shall provide the VBDA with a cost to provide the services requested in this RFP.​ (25%)

  5. Insurability (Pass/Fail) - Qualified responders shall have the minimum insurance requirements listed below:​

Workers' Compensation Statutory
Automobile Liability  $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
Commercial General Liability ​ $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
      6.Responder can have no outstanding debts or claims against the City at the time of execution.​ (Pass/Fail)

​​​​​​b) Submittal of Proposals​​​

​​​​​Each respondent must submit with their proposal the items liste​d below:

  1. Five copies of each proposal in a sealed envelope marked “RFP # VBDA - 01, Management Contract for Communications Conduit  Infrastructure” ​on the outside.

  2. All proposals shall be received and date-stamped in the location described below no later than March 12 - 3 p.m. local time All proposals received after that time will not be considered, and will be returned unopened to the respondent.

  3. Location for submissions:​ 

​City of Virginia Beach 

Attention: Mr. Taylor Adams

Virginia Beach Development Authority

Department of Economic Development

4525 Main Street, Suite 700

Virginia beach, Virginia 23462

​​​​4. Proposals submitted by telephone, facsimile, or e-mail will not be considered.​

5. ​All technical questions should be directed to Robert Hudome, Senior Project Development Manager (757)385-6464.


c) Contents of Proposal  ​​​​

Respondents must include in their proposal the following documents and information which will be used as evaluation criteria :

  1. ​Evidence of insurability at limits described above and a copy of your current insurance coverage;
  2. A description of your relevant experience; three (3) references;
  3. A description of the proposed conduit management system;
  4. A description of a conduit inventory system;
  5. Process for conduit management and documentation of access to the conduit system;
  6. A description of maintenance, oversight and supervision of the conduit system;
  7. Process to monetize the conduit system, options for capacity;
  8. Proposed billing and revenue reporting methodology;
  9. Proposed management fee;
  10. Anticollusion / Nondiscrimination / Drug Free Workplace Form as referenced below.
  11. Any exceptions to the attached service agreement. (See exh​ibit B)

Review and Selection​​​​

The VBDA will evaluate the proposals based on the above criteria, including the management fee and the amount of experience with similar management contracts. The participants will be notified by mail of the VBDA's selection. The VBDA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to select the proposal that it deems is in the best interests of the VBDA as defined by the above evaluation criteria, even if it is not the lowest cost proposal. ​

Only responsive and responsible proposals will be considered. Proposals that attempt to change or do not meet the requirements in this Request for Proposals may be rejected as being non-responsive. Each proposal shall be considered a valid offer until the VBDA notifies participants that it has selected a proposal.

If a proposal is selected, the VBDA will notify the selected participant and will prepare a management contract setting forth the terms consistent with the terms in this Request for Proposals and the participant's proposal. The contractor will sign the management contract, and then the matter will be put on the VBDA's Agenda for a public hearing and formal approval pursuant to applicable laws and procedures.

Anticollusion / Nondiscrimination / Drug-Free Workplace Form

The Anticollusion/Nondiscrimination/Drug-Free Workplace form incorporated herein (page 4) ​should be executed and returned with the proposal documents.​

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