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Virginia Beach was one of 238 communities that proposed a site for Amazon's second headquarters, dubbed "HQ2," in 2017.  Development plans for the facilities call for as much as $5 billion in capital investment to build or redevelop an 8,000,000 square foot campus for HQ2.  Amazon plans to hire as many as 50,000 new full-time employees with average salaries in excess of $100,000 over a 10-15 year period at the site(s).  

Amazon HQ2 Request For Proposals

In its request for proposals, Amazon detailed preferences that would be considered when selecting a site.  These included:

  • Metropolitan areas with more than one million people
  • A stable and business-friendly environment
  • Urban or suburban locations with the potential to attract and retain strong technical talent
  • Communities that think big and creatively when considering locations and real estate options

  • ​​An urban or downtown campus
  • A similar layout to Amazon's Seattle campus
  • A development-prepped site.  ​ 

Amazon's Site Requirements

Core Preferences​Quantity​Units​Description
​Proximity to
population center
​Proximity to
international airport
​Within approx. 45​Minutes
​Proximity to major highways
and arterial roads
​Not more than 1-2​Miles​Close to major arterial roads
to provide optimal access
​Access to mass transit​At site​Direct access to rail,
train, subway/metro,
bus routes 

Virginia Beach's Submittal

Virginia Beach Economic Development briefed City Council on the project and requested funding to participate in the proposal the Commonwealth was developing for all sites throughout the state.  Under the leadership of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), this proposal represented an unprecedented collaborative effort.  VEDP engaged McKinsey & Co., a global management consultant, to perform competitive analyses and help position Virginia for success.  Virginia Beach and a number of Virginia communities worked with VEDP to create regional proposals that included sites for Amazon to consider; Virginia Beach's proposed site was a component of the broader Hampton Roads regional submittal, which can be viewed below:​

Amazon HQ2 Submission - Hampton Roads​* (Virginia Beach's site proposal begins on page 138.)

Amazon's Decision​

Amazon ultimately chose Northern Virginia and New York as the locations for split HQ2 operations.  While Virginia Beach was not selected, Amazon's presence in the Commonwealth will have a significant impact on the economy.  An economic impact analysis by Chmura Economics & Analytics CEO Chris Chmura estimates that Virginia will see a $14.2 billion economic impact that​ will support 59,308 jobs by the time Amazon is fully operational in 2030.   Total state tax revenue from the project will reach an estimated $346.7 million, which will benefit funding needs across the state.  Chmura noted that the project will cement "Virginia's position as a high-tech center on the east coast."  

For an overview of the site selection process, visit Amazon's HQ2 website:  Amazon HQ2

​*Information deemed proprietary to private companies in the proposal has been redacted.