Arena Proposal

Virginia Beach Arena Proposal


Private Proposal to Build a Sports and Entertainment Arena in Virginia Beach

For nearly two years, the City has been negotiating with representatives from United States Management LLC to bring an arena to Virginia Beach.  

City Council Approves Arena Agreements on Dec. 8, 2015

The City Council has formally approved the agreements between Virginia Beach and USM. The Council adopted three resolutions on Dec. 8:

  • Approving the execution of agreements with USM and transfer of land to the city Development Authority
  • Declaring the City Council’s intent that no General Fund money will be used to support the arena
  • Reaffirming the city’s strong and continuing support of the Tidewater Veterans Memorial and Park near the arena.

For a summary and full text of the resolutions, click here

Agreement Presentations - November 2015

The agreement was presented at meetings on November 10th and 19th; both of these presentations can be found below.  In addition, the Mayor wrote a letter to the Mayor's Veterans Committee concerning the Veteran's Memorial on November 24th; that letter can also be found below.

Letter from Mayor Sessoms to Veterans Committee Concerning Veterans Memorial

November 19th Public Briefing Arena Presentation

November 10th City Council Arena Presentation

The agreement and supporting documents can also be found below.


Complete Agreement Documents


The path forward regarding the arena agreement is as follows:

  • November 10 - City Council Public Briefing – Docs Publicized
  • November 17 - Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) Briefing
  • November 19 - Public Briefing at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Suite 5, 6:30 p.m.
  • December 1   -  Public Hearing at Virginia Beach City Council
  • December 8   -  City Council Vote
  • December 15  - VBDA vote to authorize their role in transaction



Previous Documents

Navy and FAA Compliance Letters Concerning the Arena Development

SGA Arena Questions and Concerns - May 1

Arena Infrastructure Projects Summary Map

To view a map of arena infrastructure projects, CLICK HERE.

Virginia Beach Arena Parking Study Map

To view the Virginia Beach arena parking study map, CLICK HERE.

Traffic Impact Study and Parking Assessment (Preliminary)

To view the preliminary traffic impact study and parking assessment for the proposed arena, CLICK HERE.

Resort Beach Civic League Presentation - April 20, 2015

A public briefing to the Resort Beach Civic League was provided on April 20, 2015.  In advance of the briefing the RBLC presented questions to staff for a response.  The responses to the questions and the briefing provided are below:

City Council Meeting - December 9, 2014

On December 9, 2014, the Virginia Beach City Council unanimously approved a non-binding agreement for an entertainment and sports arena at the Oceanfront.  To view the press release, CLICK HERE.

Arena Town Hall Meeting

A public town hall meeting was held on Wednesday, December 3rd from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Concerned citizens heard the latest updates on the proposed Oceanfront arena and were able to express their opinions to City leaders and officials from USM.  To view the presentation, CLICK HERE.

November 25th City Council Meeting

To watch a video of the arena term sheet presentation given to the Virginia Beach City Council at their meeting on Tuesday, November 25th, CLICK HERE.  To view the non-binding term sheet, CLICK HERE.

November 20th Briefing

On November 20, the city and USM held a joint media briefing in which a summary of the tentative non-binding term sheet was unveiled.  A timeline of work done on the arena to date, along with anticipated future meetings, and a Q&A were also shared and can be found below:

A video was also shown which described a trip taken to Lincoln, NE to view a similar arena to the one proposed in Virginia Beach.  To view that video, CLICK HERE.


Citizens Communications Committee

On March 24, two companies presented their proposals for an arena to the Citizens Communications Committee.  For a list of committee members, CLICK HERE.  To view the presentation made by W.M. Jordan, CLICK HERE.  To view the presentation made by USM, CLICK HERE.  

Arena Q&A

The Citizens Communications Committee, along with those sitting in the audience at the March 24th meeting, submitted questions after hearing both proposals to be answered by a combination of City staff, USM, and W.M. Jordan.  To view the questions and answers, CLICK HERE.  

May 13, 2014 City Council Meeting

On May 13, the City Council received a briefing from Convention Sports & Leisure (CSL), a consultant brought in to provide an in depth overview of each arena proposal.  To view CSL's presentation, CLICK HERE.  City Council then decided to proceed with negotiations with USM and suspend discussions with WM Jordan, pending those negotiations.  The goal is to develop a term sheet that is agreeable to both parties – the city and USM.  We expect to learn on or about July 8 the approximate costs of infrastructure to the city and its citizens.

May 27, 2014 City Council Meeting

On May 27, the City Council adopted a resolution directing the city staff to pursue negotiations with USM, to hold the PPEA process and the Jordan proposal in abeyance pending the outcome of these negotiations, to prepare a report determining the scope and cost of public infrastructure, and continue involvement of the Citizens Communications Committee. To read the resolution and background, CLICK HERE.

July 8, 2014 City Council Meeting

On July 8, City Manager Jim Spore and Deputy City Manager Doug Smith briefed the City council on preliminary conceptual cost estimates for infrastructure related to an arena.  This included parking assumptions, roadway improvements, site development, utility improvements, and overall project infrastructure costs.  To view the presentation, CLICK HERE.


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(Parts of the proposals have been withheld at the request of the companies, in keeping with the Virginia Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002, or PPEA. To read Virginia Beach’s procedures for proposals received under PPEA, CLICK HERE.)


To view a previous proposal submitted by W.M. Jordan, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the 2012 Arena proposal and view the document archive, CLICK HERE.