High-quality housing options are available in most price range.

Virginia Beach residents benefit from a vast selection of housing opportunities to suit any lifestyle, including urban, resort, waterfront, rural, agricultural, single-family, apartments and condominiums.

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According to the National Association of REALTORS, the average existing-home price in the Virginia Beach MSA is $200,000. Here is how that figure compares to other MSAs.



Median Existing Home Sale Price

Virginia Beach $175,000
Baltimore $224,500
Boston $263,200
Miami $259,000
Seattle $339,900
Portland $211,000
Philadelphia $201,800
New Haven $199,700
Charleston, SC $229,200
Washington, DC $358,900
Los Angeles $406,200
San Francisco $679,800
New York, NY $381,300

Source: National Association of Realtors Median Existing Home Sale Price,  Q1 2014



Average Price Per Bedroom

1 bedroom $136,750
2 bedrooms $239,239
3 bedrooms $273,586
4 bedrooms $432,158
5 bedrooms $644,902
6 bedrooms $974,998
7 bedrooms $1,592,885
8 bedrooms $1,187,917
9 bedrooms $1,581,667

Source: REIN Inc., 2014