​​​​​​​​Quality of Life

USA Today Weekend Magazine called Virginia Beach "the best place to live in America."​​

While we believe that our dynamic business environment is reason enough to move here, our incredible lifestyle makes Virginia Beach a destination almost too good to resist.  ​And with its skilled, educated workforce, strategic location, low tax rates, and dynamic, diverse economy, it’s increasingly becoming one of the best places to do business as well.

Named the best place to live in America by USA Today Weekend, Virginia Beach offers its residents, and the millions of tourists who visit annually, a lifestyle unmatched by any other major American city. The cost of living is below the national average, and housing continues to be in demand as people move to Virginia Beach for employment opportunities and residential amenities.

Students here benefit from one of the nation's best public school systems, and 11 institutions of higher learning contribute thousands of skilled laborers to our workforce every day.

​Top 10 Best Walking Cities. Prevention Magazine

One of the Best Cities for the Outdoors. Forbes

The Best Cities to Buy a Home. Good Morning America​

With a temperate climate, 255 city parks​​ and recreation centers, more than 38 miles of beach, and internationally recognized attractions, there is always something to do in Virginia's largest city.​ 

The parks and recreation system in Virginia Beach is made up of over 7,000 acres of fields, forests, wetlands, lakes and river and beach shoreline. The system of parks, open spaces and recreational facilities is very diverse serving citizens with parks right in their own neighborhoods as well as providing community parks and natural open spaces with trails. There are seven recreation centers that provide year-round programming and recreational opportunities for all ages and many special use facilities such as boat launches, fishing piers, athletic field complexes, golf courses and skate parks.​

Learn more about our recreational activities and amenities in the newly unveiled Virginia Beach Outdoors Plan​ - A Master Plan for the Parks and Recreation System, or check out this Destination Lookbook​.