Virginia Beach is a city built on innovation and partnerships.

Using those same building blocks, the YesOceana program was developed to meet the requirements of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission to protect our citizens and keep the Navy’s East Coast master jet base, Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana, in Virginia Beach.

This innovative program consists of zoning ordinances and economic incentives to foster the conversion of nonconforming businesses in the Accident Potential Zone 1 (APZ-1) into conforming ones and relocating ones that cannot be converted to another part of Virginia Beach. Not only does this approach accomplish necessary rollback, but it also ensures that redevelopment follows sound planning and land use principles and that any new development is of a higher quality than what currently exists.

Naval Air Station Oceana, the East Coast Master Jet Base, is one of the most important contributors to the economic stability of the City and the Commonwealth of Virginia.​

NAS Oceana ​generates 16,000 jobs with a total payroll of more than $1.18 billion and produces more than $400 million in goods and services each year. In 2005 NAS Oceana, for the first time ever, was included in the Base Realignment and Closure Commission's list of recommended base closures. To preserve the base and its enormous contributions to the community, the City of Virginia Beach developed an unprecedented plan, the YesOceana program, to roll back encroachment in the areas surrounding NAS Oceana known as Accident Potential Zone 1 (APZ-1) and the Clear Zones.

Financial incentives and zoning ordinances may be available to encourage conforming businesses such as light manufacturing, trade, warehousing, and storage operations to locate in these areas. Existing businesses also may be eligible for incentives​ if they are considered nonconforming and relocate from the area, upgrade, or expand their facilities. Please contact us at (757) 385-6464 or ecdev@vbgov.com to find out more about this program and incentives.

Relocation Incentives

Waiver of Conditional Use Permit

  • New compatible uses may be located within APZ-1 without a conditional use permit even if the use would otherwise require a use permit under applicable provisions of the City Zoning Ordinance.
In order to qualify, the proposed use must conform to certain design criteria intended to ensure an organized and aesthetically pleasing appearance that would not adversely affect residential neighborhoods or other property in the area. By avoiding the necessity of obtaining a conditional use permit from the City Council, a proposed project can receive all necessary City approvals in a significantly shorter period of time than if a use permit is required.

Business Opportunity Zone – Rebates BPOL Taxes and Fees

  • The ordinance created a Business Opportunity zone that provides a 90% rebate of the Business License tax (BPOL) for a period of 15 years for any compatible use in APZ-1, and
  • Reimbursement of fees for building permits, site plan applications, water and sewer connections and sub-division permit
In order to qualify for the rebates, a proposed conforming business must be located in APZ-1 and conform to the design criteria mentioned above.

Partial Property Tax Exemption

  • The ordinance provides a partial real estate tax abatement for the qualifying properties that are rehabilitated or renovated, including the replacement of program-conforming properties or commercial or industrial improvements resulting in the conversion of a nonconforming use to a conforming use in APZ-1.

The difference in the assessed value of the building before and after renovation is subject to real estate tax forgiveness for a period of 15 years.

Application Forms

  • BPOL Fee Reimbursement Application

Oceana Area Business Parks

Oceana West Corporate Park

This 1,100 acre park is owned and managed by the Virginia Beach Development Authority and it is fully developed. ​​​

The park’s strategic location provides easy access to Interstate 264, Oceanfront, and Lynnhaven corridor. A wide variety of restaurants, shopping and banking facilities, as well as other support services are nearby including daycare centers, doctors, dentists, insurance, hotels, recreation, schools and public transportation. The strength of this corridor is evident by the numerous national chains, as well as the 1.2 million sq. ft. Lynnhaven Mall with its 160 stores and 40 eating establishments within a short distance of the park.

Corporate citizens in Oceana West and adjacent business parks represent a wide variety of domestic and foreign firms including corporate headquarters, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. The 90-acre North American headquarters campus for STIHL, a German manufacturer of power tools and equipment, is located in the park, as is a customer care center for Avalon Bay, one of the nation’s leading apartment developer and managers. Other major employers in the park include ADS Tactical Inc., Busch Manufacturing, IMS: Gear, AGI, Fortis Solutions, and Kettler International.​

Privately Owned Parks​

  • Oceana South Industrial Park was established in 1998. It is in the APZ-1/Clear Zone. The APZ-1 program consists of zoning ordinances, administered by the City of Virginia Beach, and economic incentives administered by the City of Virginia Beach Development Authority.  The incentives foster the conversion of nonconforming businesses in APZ-1 into conforming ones. There is approximately 1,700,000 sf of industrial space in the park and close to 220 businesses.
  • ​Oceana East Industrial Park, comprised of 220 acres, is adjacent to the Oceana West Industrial Park and offers convenient access to Interstate 264 and a wide variety of restaurants, shopping and banking facilities. Progress Lane Business Park, owned and developed by the Miller Group, is a 51-acre industrial park with established international manufacturing companies such as IMS: Gear (Germany) and Sanjo Corte Fino (Spain). Currently, the park has 35 acres available for development.